Vectric Aspire / VCarve Interface Review. Free tutorials for new beginners


From particular tutorial, I'm starting new series of tutorials about Vectric Aspire and VCarve 9 for new beginners.

In this Tutorials, I'll start from the interface of Vectric Aspire 9 / VCarve 9.

Vectric Aspire has a simply designed interface that combines all tools in one place.

After the first launch, you can see empty working space as you didn't create any models. At the left side of software, you can see some menu item and links.

Let's click on Create a New file to create a new document.

After clicking on the button new document creation process will start. At first looks, it seems that new document created but it is an only preview.

You need to set parameters of the model that I want to create.

B2ap3 Large Vectric Aspire 9 Tutorials For New Beginners

Let's see what you need to set to create new a document.

1. In the first section, you need to set what type of work you'll create. One-sided work or double-sided. I'm going to create a one-sided design.

2. Let's set dimensions of the model and units that you'll use. I'm going set units to mm and set the size of the model. If while I'm working I’ll need to change the size of the model I'll able to do that easily. In this section, you can also set the thickness of material that you'll use.

3. Next, I need to set Z Zero position. This will be useful when you'll cut your material on CNC. I'll not go deep into this option as You are just starting to learn this software. Most frequently you'll use Z Zero position at material surface.

4. In the XY datum position section, you need to set origin point. This option also affecting on the CNC so that's why I'll go deep into it later. I'm going set it to bottom left corner.

5. At last, you can set resolution and color for the 3d objects.

I'm gonna click on OK to create a new document.

As you can see Aspire / Vcarve interface looks simple. It looks like Artcam older interface and structured in the same way.

Let's check it out how everything structured.

B2ap3 Large Vectric Aspire Free Tutorials For New Beginners

As in all software at the top, you can see the main menu.

At the left side, you can find all tools to design and modify designed objects.

You can switch between a group of tools by tabs at the bottom of the design panel. Design panel can be detached and attached to the right side or simply can flow.

If you'll click on the small icon at the top right corner of the panel you can switch between design panel and toolpath panel at the right side of software.

At the top side of working space, you can switch between 2D view and 3D view. Beside of that, you can manage layers and then you can find view toolbar that can be useful in many different situations. This panel is a new panel in Aspire 9 / VCarve 9.

Well as you can see Vectric Aspire to interface very simple. While you'll work you'll get more familiar with it.

From the next tutorial, I’ll start tutorial about design and modify in Vectric Aspire and Vcarve.


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