How to Draw different line types in Vectric Aspire and Vcarve


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to draw another type of vector primitives and these are Polyline, Arc and Curve tools.

As in the previous tutorial where I demonstrated you how to draw simple geometric figures these 3 tools also very simple and easy to use tools.

You can find these tools at drawing panel. Let’s check them one by one.

B2ap3 Large Simple Vector  Tools In Vectric Aspire

How to draw Polilyne in Aspire 9 and VCarve 9?


First, let’s see how Polyline tool working.

After clicking on polyline tool cursor icon will change and under the cursor, you’ll see current coordinates of the mouse cursor on the workspace.

B2ap3 Large Polyline Tools In Vectric Aspire Tutorials

 You have two ways to draw a polyline.

The first way is simple click with the mouse and starts drawing lines. That is not accurate way especially if you want to draw with very accurate dimensions and coordinates.

As you can see in Polyline creation panel you can create a polyline with exact coordinates and dimensions.

All you need to do is first enter coordinate and click on apply. That will be the first point. Then by entering a value into Angle, Length, DX (Dimension in X-axis) and DY (Dimension in Y-axis) you can draw anything that you wish.

How to draw Arc in Aspire 9 and VCarve 9?

Now Let’s check out how Arc tools working.

B2ap3 Large How Arc Tool Working In Vectric AspireAs in previous tools Arc tool working with the same principle. The Only difference here is you can choose between two different type of creation.

Choose one of the types and draw your arc. As you know In arcs you can control the distance between two points and radius of the arc.

In Edit section you can enter coordinates of start and endpoint, and radius of the Arc.

You can enter here height of arc as well but radius will change proportionally.










How to draw Curve in Aspire 9 and VCarve 9?

Let’s check out the last tool here and this is a curve. Curve hasn’t any options. All you need to do just select it and start drawing. After every new point, previous part of the line will be converted into a curve.

B2ap3 Large Drawing Curve With Vectric Aspire

When you’ll finish drawing simply click with the right mouse button or hit enter to finish.

After drawing you can notice that line is not exactly what you want. Well, in this case, you can activate Node editing tool and by controllers in the curve change, it's form.

 B2ap3 Large Editing Curve With Node Editing Tool In Vectric Aspire 9

Well as you can see these tools also very simple to use 2D drawing tools. All very complicated and hard looking drawings made from simple lines and geometric figures and that’s why first you need to learn how to draw a simple drawing and only then combine them to get something amazing.



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