What is new in Vectric Aspire 9? New Features of Aspire 9.


Hi Everyone. In this post, I’m going to show what is the new Vectric Aspire 9.

Ok, Let’s see what is new developers added to the new version of Aspire. First I’m gonna show you new tools that don't exist in the previous version. Then improvement in already existed tools.

Smart Snapping

If you are already using it then you notice that when you are drawing some dashed lines appearing while you are drawing. Well developers and many different types of object snapping options that can improve your drawing speed many times. It is simple to notice and discover its power. Simple start daring and you’ll see how drawing become a simple.

B2ap3 Large Smart Snapping Invectric Aspire

By the way, you can activate and deactivate snapping options by this three option at navigation toolbar.

B2ap3 Large Smart Snapping Icons On Navigation Toolbar

New Quick KEYS in Vectric Aspire

In this version, developers added a huge amount of quick keys. That you can check below.

 Vector Validator

Now you can check your vectors that you draw or imported. As you know very often you can meet with the problem when you trying to create toolpath, especially with imported drawings. The problem can be in many different things like overlapping, intersection, and others. The main problem here is most of the time can’t see these problems. Now you can find problems in your vector drawing automatically with Vector Validator. In Artcam these tools exist for a long time and finally, Vectric also added it to their products.

It is very easy to use tool. Simple activate this tool and click on Search all. O the drawing, you’ll see nodes in a position where some of these three problems exist.

 B2ap3 Large Vector Validator In Vectric Aspire

New 3D tool – Turn and spin

With the new tool, you can turn or spin vector to create the 3d object. Click on this icon to activate tool. Choose you vector and then choose between to shape types.

B2ap3 Large New 3d Tools Turn And Spin

After clicking on Apply you’ll see the result.

B2ap3 Large Turn And Spin Tools In Vectric Aspire

 3D model mirror

One of the newly added features id 3D object mirror copy. TO use this feature click with right mouse button on the level in Components section. Choose one of the mirroring options here from the menu. This mirroring options applying to the current level and can be resetting anytime simple by choosing no mirroring from the menu.

 B2ap3 Large Relief Mrirroring In Vectric Aspire

That was the new tools in Aspire now let’s check what kind of improvement that added to the previously existed tools.


Now you can edit already created dimensions. Simple activate Dimensions tools and by holding Shift button select dimension tool that you want to edit.

Creating tangent line

Now you can create tangent to existed art or to circle. How it is working. Activate Polyline tool and set the first point to at the end point in the line of an arc . Now moving my mouse cursor and if I’ll press T from the keyboard it will create tangent line Based on diameter or radius.

B2ap3 Large Tangent Line In Vectric Aspire

Small improvements

B2ap3 Large 3d Modeling PanelSome improvement added to the 3D modeling panel.

Now tools here regrouped now icons grouped with tool icons with the features that they are realizing.

And also here you can see that new icon added this is Zero place icon.


Now in Vectric Aspire imported STL relief resolution improved and they are looking without any pixels.





Profiling toolpath

New option add to Profiling toolpath If you’ll check it you’ll see that new Start at tab added. By this tab, you get more control at the starting point.

B2ap3 Large Start At Tab At Toolpath Panel

Two-Sided Job Support

Now Aspire supporting Two-sided jobs. You can manage and organize and preview full 3d model.

View toolbar

New view tool added to the top side of the working space that allows you get access most common used view tools like zoom and others.

B2ap3 Large View Toolbar


And last new feature here is now you can export your drawing as PDF file.

B2ap3 Large Export To PDF

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