NC studio not working. How to Install NC studio and drivers in right way


   I’m getting too many questions about why NC studio not working and how to force it to work properly. In this post, I’ll describe you how to install NC studio in right way to force it to work.

   I’ll describe NC Studio 4 and 5 versions installation and configuration as most 3 Axis CNC machine users using this version. Mainly because when new CNC owner buying 3 Axis CNC motion card seller sending NC studio copy by mail. By the way, if you need a copy you can download NC studio 5.5.6 here.


System requirements for NC Studio

As NC Studio version 5 old software it requires some parameters not a high for today's standards.

Recommended PC parameters.

You can use your old computer for NC studio installation and CNC control.

If you are using an older computer then you can use a computer with followed parameters.

     CPU: Intel Pentium IV 3 GHz.

     Motherboard: Asus and Intel motherboards recommended.

Motherboard chipset: Intel (from any following series of 865,915,945, P35, G31 etc. Except H61, Z68, X68)

RAM: Minimum 1 GB. Recommended 2 GB.

Hard drive: Can be used any hard drive.

Video card: Can be used Nvidia Geforce 4 MX400 or any other card from Nvidia. Or can be used the built-in card from Intel.

If you have more modern computer hardware.

     CPU: INTEL Pentium G620 (2*2.60GHz) Socket-1155 Cache 3Mb Box

     Motherboard: ASUS Socket 1155 P8B75-V, 1155, iB75, 4*DDR3, 2*PCI-E, SATA+RAID, SATA 6Gb/s, ALC887-VD2 8ch, GLAN, USB3.0, D-SUB+ DVI-D ATX RTL

     RAM: DDR3 DIMM 2048Mb PC10660

     Video card: 1024Mb GeForce GT210 Asus Silent (DDR3 64-bit 589/1580MHz DVI HDMI

As I said these hardware parameters recommended parameters and NC Studio can work with hardware that very different from above.

Required PC parameters

PCI port: Minimum 1 port required to connect PCI motion card that will control CNC.

OS: Windows XP SP3 (32-bit). I’ll recommend clear original Windows without any modification.

   This is the biggest problem that user can meet. NC studio itself can be installed on any version of Windows. But it is controller card driver inherits to work only with Windows XP.

   Many of new beginners who first time installing NC studio can't force this software work and they are starting google for a solution. I many times met with questions about this theme and solution is simple. Follow recommended and required parameters and probably everything will work fine.


How to Install NC Studio Properly?

   Now let’s see how to install card and software properly to avoid problems.

1. Install PCI Card into computer PCI port and Fix it with screws.

B2ap3 Large How To Install Nc Studio Pci Card Into Pc

   Windows will offer you install drivers for PCI card. Cancel driver installation.

2. Run software installation that you have or download your copy from here. Run it and click Next until it will finish.

B2ap3 Large Nc Studio Software Installation Process

   In installation process software will install drivers for PCI card and in the next step you can start and use the software.

But what to do if PCI motion card can’t find drivers? In this case, you’ll need to install drivers manually.

How to Install NC studio drivers manually?

1. Open Control panel / System / Device Manager.

2. Find in the list undetermined PCI device. Click on it and choose Driver Tab. Click on Update

3. Show the path to NC studio install folder. Usually, it is C://program files/NCStudio 5.5.60

B2ap3 Large Manually Install Nc Studio Drivers

In the next step, the driver should be installed and software should work see the PCI card.


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