How to run NC Studio v8 and NC Studio v10 without controller card


As you know NC studio (CNC control system) not running without controller PCI card. In this post, I’ll show you how to run NC studio V8 and V10 in simulation mode without a controller card.

Why do you need to run NC studio software without controller card?

Well, as this software inherit to work with CNC machine then it’s computer should be somewhere near the machine. Because of that, it is little uncomfortable to work on PC that located in a workshop where everything in dust. If you need to learn this software then it will be comfortable somewhere at home with your PC.

Almost all NC studio version can run in simulation mode. To run NC studio V5 you need to make changes in .DAT file. You can find NCSTUDIO.DAT file in this post.

If you’ll try to run it without controller card you’ll see “Hardware failure” error.

B2ap3 Large How To Solve Nc Studio Hardware Failure Problem

But with NC studio version V8 and V10 it is easier to than in version 5.

Even it is hard to find how everything working, for regular Windows user, it is easier to do.


How to run NC Studio 8 and 10 in simulation mode?

All you need to do is:

1. Open Control Panel in your windows. In my case, I’m using Windows 8.

2. Find from services list SYSTEM.

3. Click on Advanced system settings

4. In opened dialog box change to Advanced tab and click on Environment Variable

5. Create a new variable by clicking on New

6. Set variable name HOMECOMPUTER

7. Set variable value 6

B2ap3 Large How To Run NC Studio V8 And NC Studio V10 Without Controller Card

After this NC Studio should run in simulation mode.

It should work with all versions of NC Studio 8 and 10. I check with v8.270 and V10.96 in Windows 8.1 and everything works well.

If it is not running try to launch software as Administrator.

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