How to create box design for Laser cutter without any software.


In this post, I’ll show an amazing new tool what I added to the website. With this tool, you’ll able create many different designs for Laser and CNC cut without any efforts.

If you are a new beginner and haven’t any experience in a box or similar things, it is hard to create and cut it in laser machine. Especially if you need to finish work in short time.

There are many different small things that you need pay attention when you are designing a different kind of boxes. For instance how different sides will attach to each other, what kind of locks you need to cut to make everything stay stable and other. Even for professionals, it can take time to finish.

But what if I’ll tell you that you can generate different box designs in seconds to cut them from wood and acrylic sheets with your laser or CNC machine without any software.

Visit Box.MGtuts.Com to see this tool in action.

It is very easy to use this tool. First of all Choose category of the designs that you want to create.

B2ap3 Large Free Online Tool For Laser Machines

When you’ll click on the category you’ll see all available design generators with their description.

B2ap3 Large Lasercut File Generator

When your mouse will be on the list item, beside of item you'll see it’s photo. How it can look if you’ll create it. This is a general photo. Based on your configuration view of the box can be different.

Click on the item to open its configuration.

B2ap3 Large Online Laser Machine File Generator

Based on item construction, a configuration may vary. Some items will have only a few parameters, some of them will have huge configurations that you need to set to get the right item.

When you’ll ready click on Generate button to generate item drawing.

All drawings will be generated in a new browser tab. You can review it and save.

To save drawing click with the right mouse button and click on Save as. The file will be saved in SVG vector format.

 B2ap3 Large Saving Generated Svh File

After saving you can import the SVG file into vector editing software or directly into Laser machine software and cut it.

B2ap3 Large Import Svg File Into Coreldraw

As you can see it is a very useful tool that can help you work faster.

I will very appreciate if you’ll help me keep this tool online as this app running on a cloud server. This tool is free and I want to keep it free.

If you want to help me keep this tool alive please donate any amount here or support me at the Patreon.

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