What is the difference between Model and Project in Artcam

What is the difference between Model and Project in Artcam

If you are new in Artcam then you probably wondering what is the difference between model and project? I know that because when I was new in this software I also was confused about that. In reality, it's very easy to understand.

Let’s break it down what is the difference and what is their function in Artcam.

At first, let’s see what is the model in Artcam?

Model is the sheet that you are working. When you are creating a model you must enter size of the model and set exactly that dimensions that you’ll use in your CNC machine.  

If you worked in other graphic design or 3D modeling software you know that in other software, sheet dimensions not so critical. Because you are modeling in computer and probably you’ll never make physical item directly from your drawing.

But in Artcam everything different. Artcam is CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) software and that’s mean that your drawing directly will send to manufacturing machine. Depending on machine and software CNC machine recognizing your sheet and drawing on it. CNC machine cutting exactly in that sheet that you set in Artcam.

Of course, you can set any size on the sheet and draw on it, but it will be easier to set up and cut your material with sheet correct dimensions.

Well, I think you understand that Model is a worksheet where you preparing a file to cut in CNC machine.

Now let’s switch to PROJECT.

What is the projects in Artcam 2017?

As you know in Artcam users able to create a 3D model of the item and cut it in CNC. But Artcam, not 3D modeling software and it has limited tools for modeling 3D models.

In Artcam you can create 3D models from vector and modify them but It’s very hard to create the combined 3D model. Projects can help you in this way.

Project give you the ability to create and combine several models inside it.

For instance, you want to create a 3d model of some item. But this item has difficult form and in one model it will be hard to do that. You can create Project and create a different model for each part of your 3D model.

Then after modeling each part, you can combine all those parts to get final result.

As you can see everything so simple. Model intended to create a drawing and cut it. The project intended to combine Models to create more difficult 3D models.


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