What is new in Artcam 2017 part 2

What is new in Artcam 2017 part 2

In this second post, you’ll learn what’s new in Artcam 2017. Check out first part of this post.

First part of this post

Let’s begin.

Lazy Brush distance

Next new future in Artcam 2017 added to 3d relief sculpting tool. It calls Lazy brush distance. This option added to all sculpting tools.

 I’m choosing DEPOSIT tool to see how smoothing happening. If you’ll try to use this tool in 3D view then you’ll see that this tool smoothing directly under mouse cursor.

Now Let’s check Lazy Brush distance in Behaviour section. After you'll see small field activated. Enter here some distance.  I’m gonna enter here 100 to see exactly how this function works.

Lazy brush distance

Now try to smooth. If you’ll click you’ll see that nothing smoothing. Try to move your cursor. You can see that nothing smoothing until the distance between red circle’s center and mouse cursor not reaching the distance that we enter into field.  This option gives the ability to sculpt more effectively.

Brush tools mirror copies

Let’s switch to another option. That’s also added to sculpting tools. Check Deposit tool again and on the right side under Lazy brush distance you'll see two options to check. Mirror X and Mirror Y. Check Mirror X and begin draw. You can see it's reflecting to horizontally. Now let’s check Mirror Y also and draw You’ll see that now one smoothing reflecting vertically and horizontally.

Artcam 2017 brush tool mirror

3D relief tools live update

Let’s switch to another new feature in Artcam 2017.

This features already existed in previous versions but now developers added to them live update.

In previous version, if you use this tools to see the result you would need to enter parameters and click on the button. But now you can see result live after every move.

These tools get live update

  • Fade relief tool
  • Create angled plate
  • 3D blending tool

Bridges update

Switching to next update. This update added to the bridges in the profiling. Now you have two options here. You can choose between adding bridges and update existing bridges.

Bridges update

Sharp corners

Next small features added to profiling. In the previous version when you are adding toolpath to sharp-cornered objects their toolpath corners smoothing automatically.

Now with Sharp Corners options in the toolpath panel you can create sharp corners.


Sharpness on a real object depends on milling that you'll use.  But with this option, you'll get more sharp corners that before.

Artcam 2017 sharp corners

Assembling Selection

Let's switch to next features and they added to the assembling.

First small features are - Now when you are working in project  and selecting one of the items in assembling they will outline in pink. This will allow you recognize objects object that you selects.

Artcam selection

Multiple edit of assembling items

now you can select multiple assembly items and manage them all together. Just hold CTRL button and select items. Then you can click right mouse button and do everything you wish.

Paste Mesh

next small changes in Assembling is - You can use windows standard copy, paste and cut with assembling items. You can copy item and paste it into model.

 Artcam Mesh

3D printing updates

Last new updates in Artcam 2017 in 3D printing options. 3D printing feature added in Artcam 2015 R2 version.

In Artcam 2017 developers make too many small changes that touch usability and 3D printers setup time reducing.

1. 3D printing added to top main menu.

2. Specifying 3D printers

3. Selecting a printer

4. Specifying the platform settings

5. 3D Printing Structures item


I'll not go deep into this small options and spend time on it. If you are using 3D printing features then you'll see changes in design and usability.

That's all new features in Artcam 2017. Hope this video help you.

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