Introducing with Artcam interface

Introducing with Artcam interface

In this tutorial I want introduces you with Artcam interface. Artcam CADCAM software where you can draw your project and directly send it to engraving machine or to any other CNC machine. And in short time you can get your art physical version.

I have installed Artcam 2012 version that released in 2013 year. After this version only Artcam 2015 version released. But there no big difference in interface of 2012 and 2015 versions. That’s why probably everything will be same in both versions.

When you will launch Artcam you will see this window

Artcam Start window

On the left side you can see panel where you can Create or Open project and Model. Also on the left bottom side you can launch Additional tools like:

Font Editor – You can open any font that installed on your system and edit font to use in your project

Face Wizard – With this tool you can import photo and create from that photo Artcam file and send it to manufacture

MillWizard – You can import 3D models from Autocad, 3Ds max and similar 3d software.

We need to create new model to view whole toolbars.

Creating new model

Enter size of size of model and click OK to create model. This model is similar to workspace in CNC machine. When you will send file CNC machine it will recognize model with size that you set in Artcam.

Here is the basic element of Artcam interface

Basic elements of Artcam interface

Right now interface looks very complicated but while we will learn you will understand and easily use these tools.

How to use Rectangle tool in Artcam
What is the Artcam and for what I can use it?

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