How to use Rectangle tool in Artcam

How to use Rectangle tool in Artcam

As in every  graphic software every difficult objects are combined primitive objects. That’s why in this tutorial you will learn how toy use Rectangle tool in Artcam.

To see how rectangle works, click on New model button and create a new model with any parameters that you wish. You can find Rectangle tool on the left side of Artcam interface, in Design toolbar.

Design toolbar in Artcam

When you’ll click on the icon, on the right side you will see opened window. In Rectangle Creation  window you can find change parameters of newly created figure.

By default on creation window has a lot of tips and help text, and that’s why window looks very big and complicated. To hide all text click on red book icon.

Creation window in Artcam

Now we are going to create a rectangle. There are two ways to create a rectangle.

The first method is - we can enter all parameters like Width, Height, position coordinates and click Create buttons.

The Second method is – click anywhere with the mouse cursor and draw. After drawing we can change parameters in window and click Create button.

Well let’s create rectangle and review features and parameters of it?

After drawing with rectangle tool  you will see Creating window. The first feature of rectangle is to choose between two options Rectangle or Square.

Creating Rectangle or Square

If you notice when you are choosing Square, Width field is unavailable. That’s because every side of the square is equal.

Corner smooth in Artcam

If you wish to create a rectangle with smoothed corners then you can use corner radius. In corner radius has two options.

 Corner radius in Artcam


How center point works

 Sometimes we need locate object in certain location. To do that you can use Center Point coordinates. Let’s see how is works.

Well if we have a model with 100x100 mm size and created rectangle 20x20 mm. If you will set coordinates x=0 and y=0 then  you’ll get like this.

Center point coordinates

 The last thing that you can see on rectangle Creation window is Angle.  Just enter any angle into the field and your rectangle will be rotated to that angle.

Manual editing newly created rectangle

While we are creating rectangle we can manually change size, move and rotate rectangle with modifying points that you can see in the figure.

Manually modifying rectangle

After making changes on object click Create button to created modified object.

 In any additional question, please create post in our community forum.

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