How to use Circle and Ellipse tools in Artcam

How to  use Circle and Ellipse tools in Artcam

Let’s continue to learn Artcam step by step and in this lesson you will learn how to use another couple of primitive drawing tools.

So let’s see how Circle and Ellipse tools work. Create a new model from lefts side of Artcam. After model will create on Design toolbar  you can find Circle tool. Under Circle tool icon has second tool that calls Ellipse. To see Ellipse click on Circle tool and hold. You will see both of tools.

Circle tool in artcam

When you will click on tool on the right side of software you will see Circle Creation window where you enter net parameters of newly created circle.

Click on workspace and draw a circle.

Draw a circle

On the right you can see that while you are drawing parameters of drawn object changing. After you draw object you can set any parameter that you wish.

Let’s give attention to Circle Creation window. As you can see there only a few parameters we can set.

The first parameter is Circle center. You can read how circle center works in this tutorials.Enters Size By Radius Or By Diameters

The next parameters you can see the size of circle. You can set  size in two different units. By radius or by Diameters

And the last parameters here is ARCS. You can choose to create circle arcs or no.



What is the difference between circles with arcs and without

Before clicking Create you can check parameter Create with arcs. After creating visually you will not see difference between with arcs and without arcs. I will try to explain here but you can also watch a video that you can find below.

So, difference between them in points that can be modified. Below you can see how they will look if you will select circle and then click on Node editing tool.

Node editing tool

After selecting you will see nodes on circle. Click on points and try to move them.

Circle with arc and without arc

When you will select Node editing  tool on the right side you will see 2 options that can be added to  circle.

 Smoth parameters

How ellipse tool works in Artcam

Ellipse tools work similar to Circle tool. Just try to draw with your mouse and as always on the right side you will see parameters. In contrast of Circle with ellipse you can set width and height. And also you can set the angle degree of rotation.

 Creating Ellipse in Artcam

Well here you learn another very simple to use drawing tool. In any additional question you can create post in our forum.



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