How to use Artcam Manufacturing Data exchange utility

How to use Artcam Manufacturing Data exchange utility

Many of you who using Artcam noticed that beside Artcam installation also installing additional tool that calls Manufacturing Data Exchange utility. Many of you don’t even open it. In this post, you’ll find what kind of benefits this tool has.

As you can understand from the name this can be used to convert one file format to another. This is very useful especially if you are working with one single software. Let’s say with Autocad and customer send you Rhino or any other 3D format that AutoCAD does not support or it support file but with errors. You can use Manufacturing Data Exchange utility to convert to format that you need.

Artcam using Manufacturing Data Exchange utility to open side file formats. For example, you can open DXF file directly with Artcam. I this case Artcam will ask you to set model side and will paste all drawing on the model.

Using this tool is extremely easy just launch utility and create a new document. From top drop-down menu open File->Import

Manufacturing data exchange utility import

You'll get a small window where you can select a file to import. MDEU support about 36 3D software file formats.

After importing the file you’ll need to wait until it will import file. After importing you’ll able to check the 3D file and what file content. The interface is very easy and here you can’t modify or do any additional actions. All what you can do is review files and sheets inside of file.

Artcam Manufaturin data exhange

On top panel, you’ll find all necessary tools to zoom, views from different directions and material switch tools.

In Level window, you’ll see all details and components that this file contains. This is imported DWG file and inside I can see all kind of details, dimensions, and other details. Here you’ll find details that even you can’t see in AutoCAD file but it’s there.

Below in Sheets, you can see all sheets inside of DWG file.

You can export the whole file or Selected part of the file.

Just select part and from top menu open File->Export.

Supported export files less than import files. You can export to 16 file formats.

Well, this utility is very easy to use and useful in many situations. As this tool help you open files that not supporting your software and allowing you not to install second software to view It or




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