How to Import and Edit STL file in Artcam


 In this tutorial, You’ll learn how to edit STL files in Artcam.

   STL file format is a universal format that can be used in 3D printers, CNC machine and for other purposes. You can export your 3d reliefs in Artcam as well.

   STL file is a combined file without any configuration. I mean that when you’ll import this file, it will not work as Artcam core file. As a result, you’ll need to spend more time to modify it than core 3D reliefs.

   Now let’s start doing work for what you are here.

   You can import STL files in two ways.

The first way is to import it into Model.

   To do that Create new Model and From top RELIEF drop-down menu chooses Import->Import 3D model. Choose your file and click open to import.

   In the next step, you see import dialog page where you’ll able to choose a position to place and also resize it. When you’ll ready click on Paste button to paste 3d model.

B2ap3 Large Artcam Import Dialog Page

   Besides of that you can import 3d models into project to combine them with other 3D models

   After Project creation on Project panel, you’ll see Assembly. Click on it and with right mouse button open menu. From menu choose Import.

Import STL into Artcam


   Depend on file size your computer can load very hard. After Import you’ll able to see 3D model and rotate it.

   If you’ll click on the imported file on project panel below panel you’ll see some tools to work with this model.

   Here you’ll see

B2ap3 Large Artcam 3d Model Configuration

Rotate tool

Move tool

Scale tool

And below you’ll see Emboss relief wizard.

   With this tool, you can change Z height of the object to make it a little bit more extruded or the opposite. After process will finish new model will be created and this model will be placed on the default relief layer.

   If you’ll like to convert it without any changes then you can do in another way. We can convert this STL 3D model into the mesh and put it into a relief layer.

  To do that first create a new model by clicking on models with right mouse button and choose NEW to create. When you'll create new model all 3D models will be automatically seen on 3d VIEW. But they are not in the model.

   You can place 3d model into model front relief by clicking right mouse button on Assembly model and choose to Create relief. But here is the deal – You’ll not able to edit Sclupture tool. To be able to use it you need to paste 3d model as a Mesh.

   Then Click on assembly model with right mouse button and copy it.

   To paste it into model again click right mouse button and choose paste mesh.

 B2ap3 Large Copy And Paste

    3D relief will be paste into default Front relief layer.

  As this model hasn’t any 2d based structure you’ll not able to use Relief creation tools. And also you’ll not able to change form of 3D relief.

You’ll able to use sculpture tool and other Relief modify tools.

When you’ll ready you can export it and cut in your CNC.



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