Creating Polygon and Star geometry in Artcam + Video

Creating Polygon and Star geometry in Artcam + Video

We are continuing review Artcam and in this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Star and Polygon. These figures also primitive figures.

After creating a new model in Artcam, you can find Polygon tool in Design Toolbar. Polygon and Star tools combined together. Beside of on all combined tools, you can see a small arrow. IF you will click and hold your cursor, you’ll see tools that hidden.

Artcam interface

Click on first icon to activate Polygon tool. When you’ll activate you’ll see Polygon creation window at the right side of Artcam. Recently I am using Artcam 2012. If you are using an old version of Artcam then creation window can be opened in another place of software.

To create polygon just click on workspace and draw. When you will draw you will see how parameters of Polygon changing..

Creating process of polygon

You can enter any count of sides of polygon how much you wish. As you can see from image above you can also enter Angle degree. As on all object creation you can enter center point coordinates.

Then you need to enter Radius of Polygon and after all hit Enter  to create object.


How to Create Star figure in Artcam

Creating star in Artcam similar to  Polygon creating and only difference between them, you must enter 2 different radius.

Creating Star geometry in Artcam

Enter sides and angle of star. Then you need enter Radius of outside point and then enter radius of point that located inside. After clicking on Create button to finish creation process.

 Well as you can see creation of Polygon and Star figures are very simple. Try to create them yourself.



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