Creating ARC in Artcam 2012 + Video Tutorial

Creating ARC in Artcam 2012 + Video Tutorial

We are continuing step by step learn Artcam and today I’m going to show you next drawing tools that call ARC. So let’s begin.

Create new model and on the left side you can see Design toolbar. On toolbar you will see icon of Arc tool.

B2ap3 Large Artcam Creation Tool

When you will click on icon you will see Arc creation window on the right side of Artcam.

Arc tool can be built with 3 different ways. Give attention to  creation window and you will see 3 different option under header Arc type.

Center – Start – End

Start – End – Point on Arc

Radius – Start - End

Well let's see how all these three methods works.

Let’s begin from Center – Start – End and see how it work. To see how it works let’s draw Rectangle with 300 mm height. About how to create Rectangle read here.

After clicking on Arc icon, check option Center – Start – End.

Then move your mouse cursor to right button corner of rectangle. When your cursor will be on corner cursor icon will change.

Click on right bottom corner and then move your cursor to a left bottom corner and click.

You will see that now your arc drawing. Move your cursor to top right corner and click there.

Created arc tool in Artcam

You’ll get Arc like in image above.

For next type of Arc let’s use same square that we draw. Click on Arc icon and check Start – End – Point on Arc

Click on the top left corner and then click on top right corner. After that, you can set radius of arc

B2ap3 Thumbnail Drawing Second Type Of Arc

You can’t enter radius of arc, you can just move arc and set radius manually.

The third type of arc works in a different way. You need enter Radius first and then you need set Start and End.

Well, click on Radius – Start – End. You will see that Radius field on Arc creation window is available. Enter 250 into Radius  field.

Then you need to show Start and End  points. Use created square and click on Top left corner, then on top right corner. You will see that your Arc automatically created.

Radius of arc

Under Radius – Start – End type you can check “Clockwise”. When it’s checked arc works in opposite direction.



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