Full guideline to Artcam 2017 2D - Video course Level 1

Full guideline to Artcam 2017 2D - Video course Level 1


If you are here then you have a problem with your Artcam and CNC router that is not allowing you rise up in your job or drive your business.

Cnc Owner With Problem




Hi. I’m Murad Gulali, the founder of MGtuts.B2ap3 Medium Murad

For seven years I worked in a Trading equipment manufacturing company. My responsibility was to draw a technical drawing for the workshop, manage printing machines, Laser machine and CNC machine.

Yes, all those works I must do alone at the beginning.

I remember when company bought CNC router. I looked at the machine and wondered what should I do with it, how to manage it and how to prepare files for this machine.

Then we installed Artcam 2010. I open this software and began to look at it.

I wondered how to begin work and prepare files for CNC. I began search internet to find educational material that would help me to start work with this software. Well, there wasn’t any good material which could help me to understand and work with Artcam.

Even now you can’t find good educational materials that will help you start faster. Only a few videos that show a tiny part of this very useful software.

Back then it was even less.

Now, several years later I decided to share my knowledge with people who are in my situation that I was several years ago.



How this course will help you?

HOW Artcam Video Course Will Help Me

This video course is unique because you can’t find any other course about Artcam.

Let me guess why you are here

 - You are new in your job or you change position in your job and now you should work with CNC machine. To work CNC machine you must know how to prepare files for it in Artcam. As you are new you don't know how to do that.

 - You want to build small business and to start your business you bought CNC machine to create furniture or any other kind of products.

Well if you are new to this area then you probably looking at machine or to the Artcam interface and thinking

 - How to start work with it and prove that I’m professional in my work?

 - How to create products for selling to get my investment back?

 - What all these tools in Artcam doing?

 - What if I’ll make something wrong in Artcam that will damage my machine?

 - How to prepare different type of works?

 - …many other questions

Well if you worried about this kind of question then you are in right page.

With this course, you’ll learn everything from zero and step by step understand how to work with Artcam.


What you’ll get from this course?

What I Will Learn From Artcam Video Course

Artcam has a wide range of tools to create from simple 2D drawings to 3D reliefs and to prepare that drawings for CNC machine. There are a lot of information that need to understand. That’s why I decided to create two different courses. Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 – Current course will touch all parts of Artcam (except 3D relief tools)

Level 2 – In this course, you’ll learn everything about 3D relief and 3D machining 

I tried to create this course as simple as possible to explain you everything in simple way.

You’ll begin with very easy steps and step by steps will go up to advanced features.

Here is a list of sections in this course.

 - Interface and Navigation – 3 videos

 - Standard geometric figures – 5 videos

 - Modify tools – 4 videos

 - Layers – 3 videos

 - Vector editing tools – 10 videos

 - Array tools – 3 videos

 - Vector creation tools – 3 videos

 - Working with images – 7 videos

 - Working with model – 2 videos

 - Text tools – 2 videos

 - Nesting tools – 4 videos

 - Machining tools – 13 videos


WHAT else you’ll get?

Lifetime access to the course – If you’ll forget something you can come back and watch again

Forum support – You get access to the special forum section for students. You can ask anything that touching course.


Still thinking to take course or no?

I’m totally new in Artcam will I understand this course?

This course made for new beginners.  In course you’ll begin from simple steps to more advanced steps.


I’m using an older version of Artcam than 2017 will this course useful for me?

Absolutely. Through the year Artcam not changed a lot. Year after year developers added small changes. In 2017 version big changes happened only to Interface. But even if you are using 2010 version you’ll able to understand and use all tools in Artcam.


What if I’ll not understand some of the tutorials?

I tried to make the course as simple as possible but if you’ll not understand some parts of the course, you can ask in our forum section.









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New Guilloche tool in Artcam 2017

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